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Kindergarten: We finished up with a lot of things this week--October for one and swimming lessons, first quarter, testing, and our seating arrangement. We continue to work with patterns in math, and the letters "P" and "S" in reading. We added the word "a" to our word pack; we are getting pretty smart. We celebrated All Saints Day---you know we are all saints in training!

Grade 1: Another busy week with swimming lessons. We finished up our second math unit on simple addition and subtraction equations and took our math test. We are now working with unknown numbers in equations and story problems. In reading we are learning about animal families and working with words with the short /o/ sound. We are also working on finding the details in a story to help us identify the main idea. We attended Mass on Thursday for the Feast of All Saints. Friday was already the end of the first quarter!

Grade 2: In science class, we have been studying ways animals survive in their environment. We learned that through camouflage, adaptation and migration, the survival rate of animals improves. In math class we are solving story problems and drawing proof drawings to show our work. We completed the math portion of our NWEA testing this week.

Grade 3: This week we completed our swimming lessons at the RFC and did our math section of the NWEA testing. In math we worked on comparison problems with misleading language. We had to decide how to solve them without our clue words like more or fewer. We took treats to our friends at the police and sheriff's departments and many of us enjoyed a beautiful night for trick or treating on Wednesday. We are praying for the people on the east coast who are suffering because of the bad weather. Remember to set your clock back one hour on Saturday night.

Grade 4: We are learning how to read, use, and make vertical and horizontal bar graphs in math class. We also are learning about the three different branches of government- judicial, legislative, and executive- in social studies class. We have received four postcards this week from our Flat Stanley project. We have visited Kansas, Florida, New Mexico and Tennessee.

Grade 5: We started a new read aloud this week. It is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. It is a great mystery action novel about a boy named Alex Rider. We have also started learning about decimals in math. In social studies we are learning about the three branches of government- judicial, executive, and legislative.

Grade 6: We are continuing to work with decimals in math and are close to finishing up the unit. In science we are learning about forces that shape our earth such as physical and chemical changes. We have also talked a little about Hurricane Sandy and the damage it has caused to the states it hit. In reading we learned about transition words and that they are used in sentences to show cause and effect.

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