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Edited by Lynn (Halbakken) Tatge

60 Years Ago

Item from the Sun of October 7, 1952

Morris' grocers were a jovial gang when they gathered recently to fix up the display in the Unger Furniture store of 12 baskets of groceries which they are giving away Wednesday. But whether it was the coffee from Cy's Coffee shop which they were enjoying so much, or whether they just felt good inside because of the groceries they were donating, they failed to explain. In the picture are Darrell Sifers of Cy's Coffee shop doing the honors; Everett Sommers of the Red Owl Store; L.E. McRoberts of Loeffler and McRoberts; George Juergensen of the Super Valu; Eddie Schuler of the National Tea Store; Willie Martin of Harts Super Market; and Art Splitstoser of the People's Food Market.

40 Years Ago

Item from the Sun of October 3, 1972

The junior homecoming king and queen enjoy a convertible ride in the Morris homecoming parade Friday afternoon. The young royalty are Kristi Larson, five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Larson of Donnelly, and Mark Hendrickson, six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hendrickson of Morris. The youngsters also took part in the other royal festivities scheduled during homecoming on Thursday and Friday.

20 Years Ago

Item taken from the Sun of October 8, 1992

A retired silo has been turned into an observation tower on the farm place of Jack and Ardis Lesmeister, 3 1/2 miles north of Morris along Highway 59. Motorists can look to the left to catch a glimpse as they travel north from Morris. The tower has attracted widespread interest.