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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: What a week we had! It was 's' week with many 's' activities--including swimming lessons. We did some testing which the kids enjoyed, hope that carries with them. In math we are working on patterning, that's always fun.

Grade 1: We are enjoying swimming lessons. We are learning subtraction in math. We are working on identifying the author's purpose in reading. Our spelling words are getting more difficult but we are doing great! We are learning about animals and their homes in science.

Grade 2: We completed our math unit on measurement and finding perimeter of squares, rectangles and triangles. We are moving into a unit on solving story problems of many types. We are working on a mission unit for religion class about being peacemakers. We took the reading portion of our NWEA tests on Tuesday this week. We will take the math portion next week.

Grade 3: It has been a busy week with swimming lessons and taking the reading area of the NWEA testing. Our UMM Practicum student, Mrs. Doschadis, worked with some of us on the democratic election process. In math we are reviewing the relationship between addition and subtraction solving word problems with unknown partners. Our reading story describes how "Boom Towns" were formed.

Grade 4: We started our swimming lessons at the RFC. We also took our NWEA reading test this week. In math class we are working on situation and solution equations. In reading we are enjoying an excerpt from Because of Winn Dixie, by Kate DiCamillo.

Grade 5: We started swimming lessons that we will continue through next week. We also are working on finding the area and perimeter of parallelograms, triangles and quadrilaterals. We are talking about how important it is to understand the sequence of events in story in reading class.

Grade 6: This week we have continued working with decimals in math. In reading we read an informational nonfiction story titled Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles that made us think a lot about protecting wildlife. In religion we finished up a mission unit on poverty. In science we are learning about different forces that build the land.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 1 Mass: All Saints Day

Nov. 2 End of Quarter 1

Nov. 8 Conferences 2-6 p.m. No School

Nov. 9 No School