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Meet the Hancock city council candidates

Bob Staples1 / 2
Ron Coates2 / 2

Bob Staples

Occupation: Housing Inspector for Heartland Community Action Agency in Willmar, MN

Family: I am married to Trudy Staples. We have two daughters, Alexis, 9 and Kaitlyn, 7

Residence: We live in Hancock.

I am a lifelong resident of Stevens County. I grew up in the town of Alberta. After getting married, Trudy and I lived in Morris from 2000-2008. We moved to Hancock in the summer of 2008 and have lived here ever since. My wife grew up in Hancock and we wanted our kids to enjoy the same small town experiences as we had growing up. We also wanted our kids to experience the benefits of going to school in a small town.

1. The reason I am running for City Council is because I care about Hancock and would like to see this town thrive. I want to see Hancock continue to be the place that people want to come to live to raise their families.

2. I have limited experience, but have a general idea of how city government works. I will bring an open mind and a voice for the people of Hancock.

3. Funding is the biggest challenge facing small towns. The restoration of local government aid would be helpful to all towns and cities in Minnesota. The possibility of a declining population is always a threat to small towns as well.

4. Finances, building and maintaining and capital gains fund is critical for a small town to survive. Another challenge is being able to provide quality and cost effective maintenance services to the residents of Hancock. Quality services come at a cost, but that cost needs to be in line with the current budget restraints.

5. First, I believe we need a street maintenance program that will help offset any future street repairs.

Second, I would like to see certain parts of the city zoned for residential use only. I believe this will help prevent residential property values from declining.

Dennis Schroeder

1. My name is Dennis Schroeder and I have had the privilege of living in Hancock for 20 years. i have raised my family here and want to see Hancock continue to be a place where families want to live. I have learned a lot in my four years as a councilman and want to use that experience to do even more in the next four years, if elected.

2. As stated before, I have served for the past four years. I have also served in various volunteer positions such as the Hancock Lions. My experience with Centerpoint Energy has provided me with the opportunities to see how other cities operate in our area and has been a valuable tool in learning how we can do more things more efficiently.

3. The greatest challenge will be if the state cuts our LGA payments. If this occurs, many services we value will have to be reduced.

4. The current challenge is how to maintain and enhance our current infrastructure, specifically would be our roads. The upside for Hancock is that we have upgraded almost all of our water and wastewater infrastructure. The draw for Hancock is our clean community and its quality school. We want to keep this going.

5. As a member of the current council, we have looked at many areas where we can be more efficient and effective. I would like to continue this process in the next four years.

Ron Coates

I am Ron Coates. I am the plant manager for Hancock Concrete. My wife, Cathy, and I live at 339 3rd St. in Hancock.

1. I enjoy hunting, fishing and riding motorcycle. I was asked by a council member and some city residents to run for City Council. I care about Hancock and the challenges that will face the city in the future.

2. I served on the city council in the past. I look at issues from the perspective of the average person. I use common sense when I make decisions.

3. The biggest challenges facing small towns is retaining businesses, attracting new businesses, infrastructure and city finances.

4. The biggest challenges facing Hancock is attracting new residents, infrastructure concerns and finances.

5. We need to have a better handle on the public works department.

I would like to see more people get involved with the city council and the issues facing our city. As residents of the city, if you feel there needs to be changes or something you don't agree with, you need to come to the council meeting and voice your opinions. That's the way to make positive change.

Ray Hoberg Sr.

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