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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We put in our first month of school and our first whole week. We worked with the letter M this week and enjoyed our "Mommy and Muffin" Day. Mommy brought us to school early on Thursday and stayed and enjoyed a muffin while she read us some of our favorite books. Thanks moms!

Grade 1: We have been really interested in all we are learning about plants. We learned that when we eat potatoes and carrots we are eating the root of the plant and when we eat cinnamon we are eating part of a tree trunk. In math we learned about even and odd numbers and finished up unit 1 and took our test. In social studies we continue to learn about rules and laws and we also did some work with maps.

Grade 2: In second grade, we read a nonfiction story called Farming, Then and Now. We discussed how a nonfiction story is different from a fiction story. We also learned to look for the main idea and details in a nonfiction story. In social studies, we are learning about government leaders such as a mayor, governor and the president. We found out they are elected to their position by the people. We are also talking about the roles of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

Grade 3: In geography we are working with cardinal and intermediate directions on a compass rose. In math we are ungrouping to subtract and are subtracting across zeros. We are also practicing our math facts doing X-Math on the computer each day. It is hard to beat the computer sometimes. Our spelling words worked with adding "s" or "es" to the ends of words and our DOL lesson this week reviewed the skill as well. We completed reading Baby Island and took the AR test on it. We all enjoyed the book very much!

Grade 4: In spelling this week we are working on how to spell words with ed and ing endings. In English we are learning about complete and simple subjects and predicates. We are discussing characters, plot, and setting in reading class. In math we are talking about multiplying and dividing the number 6 and all the patterns we can create with 6 count-bys.

Grade 5: We spent a day at SWELL for Conservation Day. We learned about soils, wetlands, raptors, mammals, and many other interesting topics. It was a great educational experience. In math we are learning how to complete math factor puzzles and scrambled multiplication charts. These are a lot of fun and are a great way to review our facts.

Grade 6: We finished our first chapter in math. On Tuesday we played a math review game on the SMARTBoard in class before we took our first test on Wednesday. In reading we are reading about "lost" cities and discussing the characters, plot, and settings of each story. In art on Friday we started making our name plaques out of salt dough to decorate our classroom with.

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