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Tiger Beat - Morris Area High School

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The first three weeks at Morris Area high school have been filled with new faces, new excitement and new expectations. The students, staff and community have been very welcoming. We as a staff at Morris Area High School look forward to a highly successful year full of celebrations of achievement.

I am very pleased to report our MCA-II data from last year. Our 10th grade students (last year's 9th graders) passed the Minnesota state writing exam with a 100 percent passage rate. This is a testament to our students, our staff and our parents. One hundred percent is an impressive achievement for our students. Congratulations to our 10th grade students. The bar is definitely set.

Overall, our 11th grade students (last year's 10th grade students) passed the Minnesota reading exam with an 89.2 percent passage rate. This was good for number one overall in the region. Our 8th grade students (last year's 7th graders) achieved a 79.2 percent passage rate in math. This was good for number one in the region. Our ACT scores at Morris Area High School were one full point higher than the state average.

As one can see, our students are achieving at high levels. Our students will continue to achieve at high levels in the future as we at MAHS raise the bar and push our students to be the best.

As always, student achievement at Morris Area high school is our number one goal. We will continue to raise the rigor in our classroom and push our students to achieve at high levels. Our goal of student achievement this year is to increase our overall MCA-II test scores by 5 percent and to have students increase their overall academic growth through NWEA scores and other data based assessments. All students need to strive to do their best.

Our number two goal this year is to improve our school climate and school culture. We will continue to have a safe and secure school. We will increase our student leadership inside and outside our classrooms by teaching our students to be better leaders and to make good choices. We will increase participation in all activities at MAHS. We will continue to be active in establishing a school culture of anti-bullying and continue to be proactive in developing students of high character and high ethics.

Our number three goal is to stay consistent and to follow through with our student and community expectations.

Our number four goal is to increase and improve communication with all stakeholders in our school district. As we continue to increase communication with stakeholders, our high school staff will be using JMC as our student information system. Our staff will be updating grades on Friday or Monday each week for parents/guardians to check their son/daughters' grades. Please check JMC weekly on your child's academics. Staff will have their lesson plans posted on their whiteboard or calendar board each week in the classroom in hopes of organizing students better in the classroom. As a reminder to all parents, please check our Morris Area website at for school updates and school bulletin news.

Our number five goal this year is to increase student interventions and to transition students into our high school, out of our high school and to communicate with students during their high school career.

Thank you all of the Morris Area school district supporters for donating money towards technology in our high school and elementary classrooms. I would also like to thank our local supporters for helping and donating to our very successful student organizations in our high school. Thanks to Shopko for donating $2,500 to the Morris Area school district. Without your community support, our goal of being the best school district in west central Minnesota would not be possible.

As always, we want to keep the lines of communication open between stakeholders and the school. Please contact me at (320) 585-2200 or email me at anytime or stop in the high school to visit.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 27: Olweus anti-bullying program will start in classrooms

Oct.1-Oct.5: Homecoming Week at Morris Area

Oct.1: Homecoming coronation in HS auditorium; 8:00 p.m.

Oct. 3: Powder puff game at Big Cat Stadium; 8 p.m.

Oct. 4: Homecoming Volleyball game vs. Benson; 6 p.m.

Oct. 4: Homecoming Pep fest (Community invited) in MAES Gymnasium; 2 p.m.

Oct. 4: Homecoming Parade through streets of Morris; 2:30 p.m.

Oct. 5: Homecoming Football game vs. Montevideo; 7 p.m.

Oct. 5: Homecoming Dance; 9 p.m.

Oct. 10: 2 Hour Late Start

Oct. 10: School Picture Retakes

Oct. 14: ACT Prep seminar in HS; 12:30 p.m.

Oct. 15: Morris Area School District Evacuation Drill

Oct.15-Oct. 17: Bus Safety Week

Oct. 18-19: Fall Break

Oct. 22-Oct. 26: Red Ribbon Week