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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We have had a great start to our school year! We are working on nursery rhymes and have already learned to read the words I, can. We are looking forward to the church festival on Sunday. Come join us for the fun!

Grade 1: We are off to a great start in first grade. We have been reviewing all of the sight words we learned in kindergarten, letter names and sounds and rhyming words. Next week we will get into our first spelling list and our first story in our reading book. We learned about bus safety and practiced what we learned. In science we are starting to learn about living and nonliving things. In math we are working on the numbers 1-10 and number partners that make the numbers 1-10.

Grade 2: We are settling into a routine in second grade. This week we are learning about partner facts in math. We can list many ways to total the numbers from 10 on down. In reading we are completing our first story called David's New Friend. We are also studying plants and how they grow in science class.

Grade 3: We got off to a good start to the school year and we are trying to adjust to our schedule. We have taken our first AR Star reading test and also our AIMS Reading Fluency test. In math we are working on place value and in music we are working on our songs for Grandparents Day which is Oct. 12. We have reviewed all our bus safety rules and practiced getting off the bus in an emergency with Deanne. We enjoyed our trip to the Shrine Circus in Willmar on Friday. Join us for the September Fest activities at Assumption Parish this Sunday!

Grade 4: We have had an excellent and busy start to the school year. We have been reviewing our math facts. We have two spelling lessons done already, and we are reading a great book called Our Only May Amelia. We are also learning how to make inferences in reading class.

Grade 5: We are getting into a rhythm in our 5th grade school year. We have been very busy with AIMS reading tests and STAR reading tests. We have also been getting in a lot of review with our math facts, and have started to work on arrays and the commutative property of multiplication. In reading we are learning how to pick good books at our own level.

Grade 6: We are off to a great start in sixth grade! We have been getting into a routine and had many fun events in the second week of school. Friday we took our first field trip to WaterFest at the Pope County Fairgrounds in Glenwood. We also spent time preparing for the September Fest this Sunday. Please feel free to stop by on Sunday from 11-1:30 to play games and enjoy the warm weather!

Upcoming Events

Sept. 16 September Fest

Sept. 17 Early Dismissal: 12:20

Sept. 20: Picture Day