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Shopko Hometown celebrates grand opening in Morris

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Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese helps hold the ribbon for Shopko Hometown manager Alan Alberts during the store's grand opening ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 13. The former Pamida store recently went through a month-long conversion process to prepare for the opening.3 / 3

MORRIS - More than 100 people stood in line Thursday morning to be the first customers at Morris' new Shopko Hometown store.

During the event, Shopko Hometown store manager Alan Alberts presented Superintendent Scott Monson with a check for $2,500 from the Shopko Hometown Foundation. Mayor Sheldon Giese held the ribbon for the official ceremony.

Thirty other Shopko Hometown stores celebrated their grand openings on Thursday as well.

The conversion from Pamida to Shopko Hometown came after the two companies announced a merger earlier this year. As part of the merger, Shopko is investing approximately $80 million into more than 170 Pamida store conversions which are occurring in phases through the end of the year.