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For fourth consecutive year, enrollment is up at HHS

The 2012-2012 school year is off to a great start after the first day of classes on Tuesday, Sept, 4. This year's enrollment is up by two students compared to last year. This years first day enrollment was 285 compared to 283 on the first day last year. In the last four years Hancock Public Schools has had a steady increase in enrollment.

The increase of two basically came down to the graduation/ kindergarten numbers. There were 22 seniors starting out the school year last year and 24 kindergarteners have enrolled this year, which made a difference of two.

The numbers by class compared to opening day last year are as follows:


Kindergarten 35

First grade 20

Second grade 22

Third grade 25

Fourth grade 21

Fifth grade 20

Sixth grade 19

Seventh grade 27

Eighth grade 26

Ninth grade 17

Tenth grade 16

Eleventh grade 14

Twelfth grade 21

Total K-12 283


Kindergarten 24

First grade 33

Second grade 22

Third grade 21

Fourth grade 25

Fifth grade 21

Sixth grade 21

Seventh grade 20

Eighth grade 27

Ninth grade 26

Tenth grade 15

Eleventh grade 16

Twelfth grade 14

Total K-12 285

The district will also welcome a new custodian, Rick Hauer, whose hiring was approved at the August board meeting.