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Talking it over: Small town specialty

I always knew there was something special about the people and businesses in small towns and an incident last week confirmed this belief. It was something that maybe only myself and possibly the football and volleyball coaches and teams would notice, so I wanted to share it with you.

I would term what happened as a show of consideration and helpfulness shown by a local business and people. It involves the program covers that are printed each year to be handed out at home sporting events. I had to rush a little this year to get the football and volleyball covers done in time for the early home openers. In the case of the football flyers, I scheduled a time for pictures only to learn that four of the players were missing that day. With the help of Chad and Ashley Christianson, I was able to get those pictures and include them in the programs. They were a wonderful help to me on the football program.

With these done, I turned my attention to the volleyball program. Setting up a time for pictures was more difficult since practice started later and I was gone for a week of vacation. Volleyball Coach Tara Thielke and I finally arranged to take the pictures on the morning of Aug. 28, the same day as the first home game. I informed her that we would probably not get them back in time for the game that night and she was okay with that.

I took the pictures and went to work where I first had to focus on the paper for that week. When I finished the paper, I started to work on the pictures, doing the adjustments necessary. Soon I was able to put the pictures in the program pages that I had set up earlier. At about 3 p.m. on that day, I emailed the pages for the cover to John Helsper at Northern Graphics to be printed. I explained to John that I did not expect the covers for the game that night but hoped we could have them for the next home game on Sept. 4.

To my surprise, when I arrived at the game to take pictures, the covers were there. My first thought was that only in a small town could you get service like that. John realized that the covers would be appreciated at the home opener and went to work to make sure they were there.

This solidified my belief that small town people and businesses will bend over backwards to help each other out. Supporting each other in ways that don't always require money or contributions. Rather simply understanding a need and going to work to meet that need.

Thank you John, Chad and Ashley for helping me get these program covers done, printed and at the games for the home openers. Maybe the fans did not realize the extra work that went into getting them there but I did and possibly the teams did too. We appreciate it tremendously!