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Hannah Plattner will teach first grade in Hancock

You may wonder why a woman raised in West St. Paul would want to be working in west central Minnesota. It could be for love, for a job or, for Hannah Plattner, it could be for both.

Plattner will be teaching the second section of first grade at Hancock this year, a new position at the school. Andrea Wink will still be teaching first grade. Plattner will have 15 students and Andrea will have 16 students.

Mounds Park Academy is actually where Plattner attended high school, graduating in 2007. Her class was fairly small for a Twin Cities school, with only 70. Mounds Park Academy is a small private school in West St. Paul, which is actually located east of St. Paul. It is also where her mother is a part-time third grade teacher and part-time director of teacher evaluations. The family connection doesn't stop there. Her aunt, and twin sister to Hannah's mother, also teaches part-time at the school, job sharing with her twin.

After high school, Plattner attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and graduated in 2011 with a degree in elementary education. While there she met Allyn Plattner, two years older and they started dating. After Allyn graduated and while Hannah was still in college, he talked with a friend who worked at Riverview Farms west of Hancock. Allyn decided to apply for a job opening there because he loves farming and agriculture related fields. He was offered the job and started working there last year.

Meanwhile, Plattner moved to Washington, Iowa where she taught sixth grade.

With marriage plans in the future, Plattner started looking for jobs in west central Minnesota. She applied for some in Hancock and Morris and had just returned from a visit to Hancock when she got a call for an interview. She turned around and drove back for the interview which turned out to be worth the trip. Allyn and Hannah were married on Aug. 4 and have purchased a home in Morris. She feels very fortunate to have found a job in the area and has been hearing nothing but good things about the Hancock school system, students, parents, and community.

She added that Andrea Wink has been a big help in getting her classroom set up as it is so different from the sixth grade courses she taught last year. She is looking forward to actually having a curriculum to follow because she is a detail oriented and organized teacher.

When not teaching, Plattner can be found running or spending time doing her favorite sport - soccer. She played soccer in high school and all through college and has some experience coaching the sport. She also likes to read and the young couple planted their first garden this year which they both enjoyed.

She would like to encourage parents to continue to be involved with their child's education and feel comfortable stopping in and getting to know her. After all, she explained, the parents are the most important people in a child's life, so she wants to know them better.

Plattner feels a good relationship between the teacher, students and parents makes the school experience better for the students. She is excited to start her job in a community that is known for getting involved with the education process and showing support in so many ways.