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Talking it over: Never too many

There are some things you can never have too much of. Good food, good friends and good times come to mind. Some people may say they can never have too many shoes, clothes, toys, money, or cars. Others may say that a person can never have too much love, luck, heart or laughter. These are all great things to have an abundance of but I say, you can never have too many grandkids.

Our family is once again growing and another grandchild is on the way. We weren't quite expecting this one and it is a welcome surprise. Our son and his wife are expecting their fourth child in late December or early January. They have an eight year old son and twin daughters who will be two in November. They were hoping for another child but prepared to accept what ever happened after the twins. This is a pleasant surprise and will bring our grandchildren number to six.

I have to admit that our house does seem a bit hectic when all the kids and grandkids are there. However, we have started to establish a good routine and it is working nicely. My first reaction was where would we put another crib or pack 'n play but I am sure when the time comes, we will figure it out. The twins will be getting older as the baby grows and may be able to sleep together.

One of my problems when the family is all together is table space. I have a kitchen table that is not able to be extended so is limited to six people unless you park someone on the corners. We have a high counter with a few bar stools for the older kids and a couple high chairs attached to kitchen chairs for the little ones. The adults often wait until the younger ones are fed in order to sit down and eat.

This reminds me of my younger days when my grandmother, who had ten kids and nearly one hundred grandkids, would have her family together for meals. There were adult tables and kids' tables. Sitting at the kids' table, you often wished to be able to 'graduate' to the adult table and be in on those conversations.

My husband and I have not made the two table meals as yet but it might be an option in the future. As the grandkids out grow the high chairs and can eat on their own, it may be a good way to open up seating for the adults. Grandpa and I may even opt to sit with them just for kicks.

It is a good problem too have, not enough beds and not enough table space. A problem that comes from being part of a growing family. I can't wait to add that extra seat at our dinner table.