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Christie resigns as Public Works Director

Hancock Public Works Director Vern Christie offered his letter of resignation to the city council, who voted unanimously to accept it at a special meeting Monday, Aug. 20.

The special meeting was called to consider terminating Christie following a heated meeting on Aug. 13. At that meeting, Christie had asked to return to work from medical leave, with some restrictions. However, the council requested he get an analysis from the physical therapist before allowing him to return to work.

The exchange between Christie and the council became heated and the police chief intervened.

Christie delivered his letter of resignation to city clerk Andrea Swenson on Monday, Aug. 20.

Christie's resignation letter was short, noting that he was resigning as of Aug. 31, 2012 after more than 24 years of service to the city. .

Council members voted unanimously to accept his resignation.

Swenson told that the council that since this was a special meeting, they could not take any further action. She said that they would have to wait for their work session on Monday to discuss what to do about filling the public works position.

Chrisite also sent a separate letter to the mayor and council members, which appears on page 2 of Aug. 23 issue of the Hancock Record.