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Darin Zimmerman is the new Social Studies teacher in Hancock

In order to appreciate the value of life today, you have to learn more about history. Hancock high school students will be learning about these values along with getting history lessons from a new teacher this year. Darin Zimmerman will be teaching 7-12 social studies at Hancock High School.

Zimmerman is originally from Rothsay but has been living in Hancock for a good share of the summer. He graduated from Rothsay High School in 2007 and then attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. His degree was in Social Studies Composit Education, which encompasses a wide range of social and history courses.

He student taught in Crookston and then worked in Crookston while also coaching girls' basketball. While in high school he was involved in football, basketball and a few years of track.

Zimmerman grew up on a farm near Rothsay where his parents still live. His dad has a full-time job off the farm along with his farm work. He has a younger brother and sister, both still in college.

Zimmerman decided to become a teacher because he enjoys working with youth. Tie this in with his love of history and government and he has the perfect job. He had a couple inspirational teachers in high school, especially Aaron Zimmerman (no relation), his physical education and health teacher as well as from the example of Mark Kelly his social studies teacher.

Kelly also taught 7-12 social studies so Zimmerman has seen how this works. It may be challenging at times because there will be six preps and a lot of different material to cover each day, but he is looking forward to it. His goal is to get each student to love social studies even when it means learning about our past first. To do this, he may be incorporating speakers especially during the election season.

Along with teaching, Zimmerman will be the assistant football coach and head girls' basketball coach. He has already spent time working with the girls' basketball players over the summer and enjoyed coaching them through summer leagues.

When not teaching or coaching, Zimmerman enjoys all types of sports, hunting and going to stock car races. His dad was a former racer so he grew up enjoying this sport.

Zimmerman loves what he has seen so far in the community. Everyone has been friendly and helpful and he is looking forward to getting to know more people. He encourages students and parents to get in touch with him any time with questions they might have throughout the school year.