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Storms roll through Morris Wednesday

This five shot wide angle panoramic view shows Wednesday's severe storm and shelf cloud as it was directly over the heart of the city of Morris. Photo Credit: Amanda Hill1 / 3
Nickel, quarter, half dollar -- 80 cents worth of damaging sized hail stones in Morris. (Photo Credit: Jessica Lemmerman)2 / 3
Fire fighters out weather spotting the storm with shelf cloud looming in the near distance south of Cyrus in western Pope county. (Photo Credit: Amanda Hill)3 / 3

MORRIS - Mother Nature's biannual battle of the seasons has once again kicked off over the upper Midwest, and on this past Wednesday evening the fight was waged over the skies of Stevens County.

On Wednesday afternoon the atmosphere over west central Minnesota was set up and primed for severe weather. At midday a very strong cold front was situated northeast to southwest over the far eastern Dakotas. This sharp boundary marked the leading edge of a much cooler and dryer airmass into the region.

As the front pushed across the border, severe thunderstorms rapidly developed over portions of Big Stone and Traverse Counties around 4:45 p.m.

By the 5:00 hour, the storms were wreaking havoc well into Stevens County.

Strong and gusty winds, very heavy rains, and large hail greeted Morris and Donnelly residents as the storms quickly rolled through with a classic well defined shelf cloud on the leading front edge of the storm.

Some hail stones were reported up to two inches in diameter (hen egg sized). Hail damage was incurred to some buildings as well as many vehicles in these areas.

Although we are now well beyond the peak of our severe weather season here in west central Minnesota, storms similar to the ones that hit the area this past Wednesday are not uncommon for August and remain a possibility even well into the fall months.