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Literature in a Hurry: Here comes election season

Kim Ukura

MORRIS - Despite the general cynicism that seems to go hand-in-hand with election season, I've always been a bit of a political junkie. My current boyfriend and I had our first "date" - in quotation marks, since I'm not sure that he really considered it a proper date at the time - watching the election returns on Nov. 4, 2008 when Barack Obama defeated John McCain.

After the race was called (very early in the evening, if I remember correctly) we went for a walk down State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. While sitting at the bar, we got to see a mob of elated students and Madisonians march up and down the street cheering and celebrating. It was infectious and inspiring and a reminder of the joy that can happen when a political race goes your way.

Now that Tuesday's primary election has passed, the election season here in Stevens County is really going to heat up. Although I've admitted to being an election junkie, I'm still grateful that we didn't have any local primary races this year - the race from August to November for elections always seems long no matter how exciting (or disappointing) the outcome.

This is the first year I'll have the opportunity to oversee a newspaper editorial page during campaign season. As such, I've been thinking for several weeks about our letters to the editor policy for political letters during this election season.

We haven't made many major changes from our policies of the past, but it is always useful to see them in writing once again. We'll be publishing these guidelines frequently in the next several months, as well as keeping them posted online.

If you have any questions, please call at (320) 589-2525 or e-mail me at

Here are the guidelines we will be adhering to regarding political letters to the editor:

• No anonymous letters will be published. Letters delivered by hand or mail should be signed and include a printed name, city and phone number. Email letters must have a phone number for verification.

• The submission deadline for the Sun Tribune's Saturday edition is 3 p.m. Thursdays. This deadline will be strictly adhered too.

• Political letters are limited to 200 words. Letters that exceed the limit will be edited or considered for publication as an opinion piece depending on the quality and depth of the argument and writing.

• Letters that are merely personal endorsements or attempts at character assassination will not be published.

• Because the Sun Tribune is one of the only places for debate on issues specific to our community, letters that address local candidates or local issues will be given priority.

• Letters will be published through Saturday, Oct. 29. Rebuttals, if warranted, may be published in the Saturday, Nov. 5 edition. The publisher and editor reserve discretion to decide if a rebuttal letter is warranted.