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Kayla Nohl to fill new preschool and kindergarten position at the Hancock school

HANCOCK, Minn. -- Hancock's new kindergarten/pre-school teacher loves the way children brighten a day. Kayla Nohl decided to become a teacher because of her love for children and how excited they get when they learn new things.

Kayla will be teaching two preschool sections, one meeting on Monday and Wednesday and the other on Tuesday and Thursday. She will also be teaching kindergarten students on Fridays and leading the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program.

Kayla grew up in Wheaton and graduated from Wheaton High School in 2000. She attended college at Concordia in Moorhead and received her Elementary Education degree with Early Childhood emphasis. While in college she also worked at the Concordia Child Care Center. After graduating, she continued to work at Concordia's Child Care Center and taught ECFE classes in Dilworth.

In 2008, Kayla and Brian Nohl were married and settled in Wheaton. Kayla then worked with the preschool and ECFE program in Wheaton. The couple also became parents of two children, Tyson, 3 years old and Sophie, 1 year old.

Along with her teaching position, Kayla will be doing the ECFE program in Hancock. She enjoys this program and feels it is a great way to get young children and parents learning together and familiar with the school system. It is also fun for young parents to meet other parents. This program will continue to meet each Tuesday night in Hancock during the school year.

Kayla hopes to instill the love of learning in her students. It is important to her to get the children excited about coming to school and also used to the rules and routines. It is a great time for the children to start their learning process while also exploring and socializing with other students. She said that if children do not start out excited about going to school, they have a long road ahead.

Kayla applied for the position in Hancock after the couple decided to move this way in order for Brian to begin working more on the farm. He will be commuting for a while to his job in Wheaton but eventually hopes to spend more time on the farm. Brian's parents, Ken and Jackie Nohl, will be moving soon and Brian and Kayla will live on the farm place. Ken will continue to work on the farm during the transitioning. Tyson is excited to move to the farm and help take care of the animals.

When not working, Kayla enjoys softball, fishing and making things out of fimo clay. She even sells some of her products at craft shows. The fimo clay is used to make things like personalized ornaments and other small items. It is a craft she learned from her aunt.

Kayla is excited to become a part of the Hancock community. She feels that Hancock has a great school, small class sizes and a lot of support from the community. She is looking forward to meeting her new students and their parents and the start of the new school year.