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Stevens County Fair medallion found!

Scott Johnson of Alberta found the Stevens County Fair medallion and won $100 in Chamber cash.

MORRIS, Minn. - Scott Johnson of Alberta found the Stevens County Fair medallion. The Johnson family's tack was stored in the area and so they had been at the spot many times during the fair, but didn't find the medallion until Sunday.

Medallion Clues begin:

Wednesday's Clue:

I am glad to be back at the fair again and see most of you.

Thursday's Clue

I could hear them sing dark and lonely nights, reminds me of waiting for the fair to begin.

Friday's Clue

Don't get lost, things moved as they got ready for the 2012 fair. I could see them go!

Saturday's Clue

I don't know if I like all the smells, I wish I could smell some Great Food.

Sunday's Noon Clue

This place really cleans out at night and all is very quite until morning comes.

The medallion was behind the light switch in the middle of the cattle barn.

I have seen things move out of the barn as they got ready for the fair. I see most of you as you go into the barn and out again.

It's been very dark as I wait for the fair and not much going on in the building.

It's not a bad smell in the barn but the food would be a better smell.

At night they take most of the cattle out until mornings so it's very quite as we sleep.

The next clue would have been most of you walk by but only a few of you flip me on.