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Talking it over: Enjoying a surprise

A little over a week ago, our children surprised my husband and me with a 40th wedding anniversary celebration. It came as a surprise because our anniversary isn't until September so we didn't expect anything this soon.

We had a great time with family and close friends and especially liked the little mementos from our wedding that were used as decorations. The kids ordered a replica of our wedding cake which was beautiful and displayed some of the dresses worn on our wedding day.

When we walked into Buddies that night, expecting to enjoy a good meal with our children and grandchildren, the first thing I saw was my granddaughter wearing the flower girl dress from our wedding. I couldn't understand what she was doing in that dress and where it came from. It didn't take long before the yelled 'surprise' answered my questions.

It really doesn't seem like 40 years since that wedding day. We had a simple wedding. My mom made my dress and several of the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. She also prepared the food which was served by friends. We did have a dance later at the Four Seasons supper club which burned down several years later.

On our honeymoon, Stan and I first headed for Minneapolis where we spent a day at the state fair since it was Labor Day weekend. On Monday we went north and were able to visit the Paul Bunyan Amusement Park on the last day it was open for the season. I think Paul even talked to us and congratulated us.

The rest of the week was spent at various places in northen Minnesota including Bemidji, Park Rapids and Fergus Falls on the way home. In Fergus Falls we purchased a car because with both of us working, we needed two vehicles. We also purchased a hutch, which we still have, for all the beautiful dishes received as gifts.

It is funny how you remember different things from these special times. My husband remembers the driving, the new car and how we barely made it before all these places closed. I remember the beautiful scenery and shopping for furniture for our new home. I don't think either one of us remembers a lot about our wedding day except for the relief when it was over.

Now 40 years later, we can look at pictures, see others wearing those clothes that were so lovingly created and think of the years that have passed between. We have been blessed with loving children, extended family and great friends. You couldn't ask for much more in a marriage. Thank you to everyone who made this a special time.