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Absentee ballot period for state primary open until August 13

SAINT PAUL -- The absentee voting period for the state primary election is open until Aug. 13.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Richie anticipates that almost 300,000 Minnesotans will vote by absentee ballot this election. Voters can use the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State's online tool to check the status of their absentee ballots.

Minnesota's voters may only vote absentee for one of the following reasons: absence from the precinct; observance of religious discipline or holiday; illness or disability; serving as an election judge in another precinct; or when an emergency is declared by the governor or a quarantine is declared by the federal or state government.

Voters may visit their county auditor's office, or in some cases their city clerk's office, to vote in-person absentee. To get absentee voting forms or additional information visit It is important to note that Military and Overseas voters have different absentee balloting procedures. Information is available for these voters at

The Absentee Ballot Lookup allows a voter to track where their ballot is in the process and when it has been successfully counted. In addition, helpful links to additional voter resources such as county auditor contacts and a listing of candidates appearing on voters' ballots is also provided.

The Absentee Ballot Lookup can be accessed at Information for Military and Overseas voters is available on the Overseas Vote Foundation website at

To login to the Absentee Ballot Lookup you must provide the following information:

• First and last name (name must match voter's name entered on the absentee ballot application or voter registration).

• Complete date of birth.

• The identification number the voter used on the absentee ballot application.

To ensure that their absentee ballot is successfully cast and counted voters must follow the instructions and fill out the required forms completely.