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Talking it over : Welcome

When you host a party, you really hope people will attend. Hancock hosted a huge party earlier this month, and it was with joy that the community welcomed several hundred guests.

This is the type of welcome people love to get from their home town. Warm hugs, good wishes, listening ears and happy smiles. Good times that bring back happy memories.

The celebration is over now and the residents of Hancock are starting to relax and enjoy the remainder of the summer. However, we should not forget, now or throughout the year, that there are always new people to welcome and embrace in this community. New people moving into town, new businesses starting up and we should also not forget the people and businesses that have made this their home for many years.

Our business community, in Hancock and the surrounding area, are key ingredients of a good community and school system. They pay taxes, support causes and provide needed services. We need them as much as they need us.

With this issue of the Record we have our annual Business, Service and Professional Directory included for local subscribers and residents on our sample copy list. I encourage you to take time to look through this special section and remind yourself of what this area has to offer. We have many wonderful businesses that can meet nearly all our needs. They are here to help us but they also need our support in return. You could almost say they are hosting a party every day and hoping we will attend. Show your appreciation for all they do for us by supporting their businesses and services and show them that they are a welcome part of the area, even if they have been here longer than some of us.