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Talking it over: Wonderful weekend

There aren't enough words to describe the wonderful weekend in Hancock for the All-School Reunion and July 4 celebration. Everything was fun, beautiful, warm, memorable and to be cherished for years.

The great memories started for me at my 40 year class reunion on Friday night. The reunion also included the class above us and behind us and was held at our place. We had about 65 people and our garage was filled with laughter, great conversations and even a few tears.

You could tell that we were ten years older than the last reunion as everyone was ready to head out by 10:00 at night. We did get started a little earlier with some arriving at 3 p.m. However, it was just the perfect amount of time and we continued the celebration on a float in the parade on Saturday.

The parade, what I saw of it anyway, was fantastic. There were some very creative floats matching the theme and this could also be seen in the Kiddie Parade held earlier. I had a different perspective of the parade this year, riding on a float and thought it was great as you could see a lot of people you knew along the parade route. I was surprised at how many people lined the streets, especially in the shaded areas.

That evening I attended the supper and program which were both great. I have to give kudos to the members of the reunion committee who worked hard on both of these parts of the event. The food was delicious and the program was wonderful. Thank you to the many who spoke, sang, danced, directed and entertained in any way.

There were so many other events going on that were equally wonderful and I can't highlight each of them individually or this column would go on forever. However, I am fairly certain that there was something for everyone in Hancock this weekend.

Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to the Hancock Lion's Club for sponsoring this event and setting the reunion plans in motion. A special thanks to Joel Flaten and Marcia Greiner for organizing and working so hard to make it a success. It will be a weekend long remembered by many people.