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Greiners are 2012 Hancock parade grand marshals

There are many types of people who make up a community. There are leaders and followers. People who make waves and those who build dams. There are people who walk softly and others who leave behind big footprints.

This year's July 4 and All-School Reunion grand marshals can be described with many of these qualities. Gary and Marcia Greiner have both lived in Hancock their entire lives and are following in the footsteps of their parents who also left a huge imprint on the community.

Gary grew up on a farm east of Hancock, the very same farm where he and Marcia lived for nearly 30 years during their marriage. His parents were Lawrence and Dode Greiner, both active members of the Hancock community. Gary was active in sports all through his high school days and long after graduation. He played basketball, baseball, football and later was on a bowling team.

After his graduaton in 1959, Gary continued to work on the farm with his dad and brother Larry. He also joined the National Guard where he served for six years. When not farming or following sports, he enjoys hunting, fishing and just plain visiting with friends.

Marcia also grew up in Hancock and graduated from Hancock High School in 1967. Her parents were Brad and Lois Oksendahl, also key members of the community. Brad was one of the charter members of the Hancock Lions Club, the organization that supports the July 4 celebration each year.

Marcia attended Wahpeton School of Science and received her nursing degree. She worked at the Morris hospital for eight years and raised their three children, Darby, Alisa and Gwen. After the kids were all graduated, she went back to work at the Hancock school where she served as a para for 13 years.

She and Gary were both very busy following their children through their high school and college sports seasons and now continue to follow their five grandchildren in their sporting events and other activities.

Marcia enjoys painting and decorating for people. She likes to help older friends with cleaning, doctor appointments and just being there as a friend. She also keeps busy with her gardens and mowing lawn. Each fall, Marcia enjoys a traditional deer hunt with friends.

Gary and Marcia have given many hours of their precious time to the community, school and church. Gary has served on the Our Redeemer's Church council, Hancock Co-op board, school board, was president of the former snowmobile club and is a member of the Hancock Sportsman's Club and Lake Emily Improvement Association.

Marcia is involved with Stevens Forward and the Hancock School Foundation. She serves on the Federated Telephone board and has worked with the music mothers at school, volunteered to help with decorations and set-up at programs and spent time teaching Sunday School, Bible School and was choir director at Our Redeemer's. Marcia was also one of the initial group who started the All-School reunions and has served on the committee for each reunion.

Gary and Marcia would term themselves as small town kids. Whenever they went out of town, they were so happy to see that water tower come into view upon their return. They are always pleased to get back home to the community, school, church and friends they have come to love.

Their goal is to enjoy life every day to the fullest and share themselves and their time to help others.

They have had some big shoes to fill when it came to their parents, who did many of the same things they are doing today. However, through the example of their parents, they have found the fulfillment and joy of serving in a community they love and care about. Now they are passing on that legacy to another generation through their children and grandchildren.