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Talking it over: Welcome alumni

I am so excited for this weekend. The All-School Reunion is always so much fun, exhausting, but worth every minute spent preparing.

I have tried to keep a somewhat low profile when it came to getting involved with this reunion. Tried is the key word because when you work for the newspaper it is pretty difficult to not be involved. I have spent countless hours researching, finding pictures and writing the reunion book. I really hope everyone enjoys it and will purchase one. It is not only a history of the school construction and buildings but also of the academic, athletic and extra-curricular activities at the school. There are also lots of great pictures.

I have also been working on a special section for this issue of the paper. For that section, I have interviewed two of my former teachers and two of my best friends. In many ways those were some of the most difficult interviews, yet in other ways, very enjoyable.

It was great to talk to Delores Wiese, who I had in first grade, and Carol Wilcox, my fourth grade teacher. It was hard not to still address them as Mrs. Wiese and Mrs. Wilcox. I was very worried about my grammer and spelling throughout the articles. They were very kind with their critiques. I can't wait to hear the rest of their stories at the reunion program.

My interview with the grand marshals, who are very close friends, went so smoothly I probably could have written it without even talking to Gary and Marcia Greiner. Here again it was difficult to put down on paper a story about their lives and contributions to the community, without letting my personal feelings interfere. I am so proud of them and pleased that they are the grand marshals. Marcia and I have worked on at least four of these reunions together and she is doing a great job as the co-chair of this one.

I encourage each of you to take part in as many of the festivities as you can this weekend. There will undoubtedly be alumni everywhere you go and friends to visit with at each event. When you meet them I hope you will join me in expressing our joy that they could come and say "Welcome back all Hancock High School alumni. We are so glad you could join us in celebrating the 130th anniversary of our fine school."