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Talking it over: RSVPs needed

Reunion seems to be the theme for this summer. Not only is there a big All-School reunion but several classes and families are also planning reunions. It will be a busy time and hopefully each one is well attended.

I have helped organize a lot of reunions and sometimes been quite frustrated by the turn-out. When invitations are sent out, it is with every hope that those invited will find it in their hearts to join in the gathering. However, as the weeks go by and there are no responses, organizers can get quite worried and discouraged.

Large gatherings such as the All-School reunion take a lot of work and planning. It is very hard to predict food, space and entertainment when you are not sure about the numbers attending. I have sat in on a few of the more recent planning meetings, and I have heard some of the disheartened conversations as the registrations come in very slowly. At this point in the planning there should be a lot more than the 370 responses received at the last meeting. At a previous reunion, we had 800 registered at this point.

I am not sure if this means that not as many people are coming or if they are simply procrastinating about their response. Unfortunately, the committe also is in the dark about this. The only thing they can do is rely on the registration numbers they have and add on a few extras for last minute registrations. Even if you do not plan to attend the meal or program, it is important to register.

I am also working with classmates to plan a 40 year class reunion over the same weekend. We have also included the class above ours and below ours. Here again the responses are very slow in coming back.

When reunions are planned, I often hear people comment that the worst ones about not responding or, not attending, are the locals. I am not sure if they just think they don't need to respond or if they are really not interested in joining the celebrations.

There is a lot of work that goes into these events so I encourage people, especially locals, to respond with your intentions. Those who travel from a distance would like to see several of their classmates and friends and that means those of us who still live in the Hancock area as well as those from out of town.

There is only a week left so stop procrastinating and send in those responses for all events you have been invited to. Remember the hard work of many people that is going into making these reunions a success and reward them with your cheerful presence.