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Talking it over: The day is getting closer

We are now in the middle of June and that means that the July 7 All-School reunion is only a few weeks away. For Hancock alumni and friends it also means that it is time to commit to attending some or all of the events planned for the big weekend. If you are like me, sending in that registration form has been put off, but now it is time to get it done.

The reunion committee has been working hard to make plans but those plans are difficult when you don't know numbers. They have been struggling to determine how many will be at the supper, program and even who will want to purchase some of the souvenir items like t-shirts and books.

Personally, I have been working on the book and was happy to send it off to the printer last week. Now I am concentrating on a special section for the paper to come out that week. For this I was also hoping to get pictures and articles submitted but as yet have not seen anything.

If you have a favorite story from your school days or something to share with other alumni, I would love to include it in the section. I would also enjoy getting some pictures from your school days. It would be nice to have a little something from each era.

However, the special section does not need to be limited to items from alumni. It would be great to include things from other people who may have a comment, poem, story or other pertinent item to share. If you have something for me to consider just email me at kerdman@hancock or send it to Hancock Record, P.O. Box 425, Hancock, MN 56244.

I will be sending my reunion registration in this week and I challenge other alumni to keep the ball rolling and get theirs sent in also. It will be a fun weekend and hopefully there will be enough time to visit with those you haven't seen for several years and catch up on your school days memories.