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Sump pump inspections begin June 18 in Hancock

The Hancock City Council is sponsoring a sump pump inspection program that will begin on June 18. Homeowners were invited to attend an informational meeting last week to learn more about the inspections and proper way to hook up sump pumps.

Inspectors will begin going house to house, without appointments, to look at connections in basements to ensure that if sump pumps and sump pump pits are in place, they are properly connected, and that those connections are made with rigid PVC-type pipe, not flexible hoses.

Sump pumps are not allowed to discharge into the sanitary sewer. Rather, they must discharge outside of the building. See the picture of the correct installation of PVC-type pipe.

Every house, building and business will be inspected through this project. The goal of the project is to remove prohibited clear water connections from the sanitary sewer system. The City of Hancock has been experiencing large flows at the wastewater treatment facility, at times in excess of the permitted capacity of the facility. With the removal of prohibited clear water discharges to the sanitary sewer, the City is expecting to reduce the flows to the wastewater treatment facility.

An average home contributes approximately 200 gallons per day of wastewater. A sump pump may contribute approximately 5000 gallons per day of water or 25 times the average wastewater flows per home.

If you are not at home when an inspector arrives, or if it is not convenient for you to allow the inspection at that time, a notice will be left with a number you may call to make an appointment. If a homeowner prefers, they may hire a licensed plumber to inspect the sump pump and certify to the City that is it correctly installed.

Home or business owners who have incorrectly connected sump pumps will be required to correct the connection, and have the installation re-inspected, before being issued a "passed inspection" document. They will be given 30 days to correct an improperly installed sump pump. A fee will be charged for those who do not correct an improperly installed sump pump.