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Candidate filing for federal, state and county elections ends Tuesday

MORRIS, Minn. - The candidate filing period for federal, state, county and some local offices ends this Tuesday, June 5, at 5 p.m.

Candidate filing requirements vary depending on the office, whether the candidate is a member of a major political party or a minor political party or an independent, and whether the office is partisan or nonpartisan. Candidates for State Senate, House of Representatives, and judicial offices have a choice to either file with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State or in their county of residence. Candidates for U.S. Congress must file with the Secretary of State's office. Candidates for county offices must file with their county auditor.

So far, the following candidates have filed for local offices:

• County Commissioner District 1: Bob Kopitzke, Paul Watzke (incumbent)

• County Commissioner District 3: Ron Staples (incumbent)

• County Commissioner District 4: Donny Wohlers

• Soil and Water Supervisor District 1: Dave Lonergan

• Soil and Water Supervisor District 4: Open

• Soil and Water Supervisor District 5: Open

In Minnesota Senate District 12, current State Representative Torrey Westrom has filed. He will be challenged by DFL candidate John Schultz of Correll.

Three candidates have filed for the open seat in Minnesota House District 12A: Dave Holman (Independence Party), Scott Dutcher (GOP), and Jay McNamar (DFL).

For the U.S. House of Representatives in District 7, incumbent Collin Peterson (DFL) and challenger Lee Byberg have both filed.

Current U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is also up for election this year. Minnesota Republicans endorsed State Representative Kurt Bills of Rosemount to challenge Klobuchar. Two minor candidates have filed for the Democratic U.S. Senate race, frequent candidate Dick Franson and Jack Shepard, who lives in Italy because he could face arson charges in Minnesota.

Minnesota Democrats will meet for their state convention this weekend, and are expected to endorse Klobuchar to run again.