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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Last but not least, we celebrated Talia Kill's Wonderful Week. We worked hard practicing for our spring program and it showed; once again under the direction of Linda Hodgson we performed like angels! Miss Midwest came to our room to share some of her knowledge and it was very good. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day. Thank a veteran!

Grade 1: In math we are learning more about analyzing story problems to figure out whether to add or subtract and how to label them. In science we learned about the properties of liquids and gases. In reading we did more review this week and read some more real books and completed reading journals for them. We had a visit on Thursday morning from Kacy Nehowig, Miss Midwest. She read some stories to us and talked to us about the importance of including individuals with disabilities in our community.

Grade 2: In math class, we began learning to multiply using repeated addition. We also had a fun time preparing for our spring concert that was presented on Thursday evening. In science class we are studying motion. We are using words like speed, force and gravity in our discussions.

Grade 3: The third graders completed their last spelling lesson and their last reading story this week. In math they did some more work with coordinate grids and line segments. Monday afternoon we enjoyed "Fitness Funday" and thank the PE teachers for organizing this event. The spring concert was a success and we thank Mrs. Hodgson for all the work she did to prepare us for it. Mr. Hodgson was very helpful as well and we are grateful for his support. We will have our closing school Mass at Assumption Church on Friday, June 1 followed by kindergarten graduation. After Mass we will go to Pomme de Terre Park for a picnic and playing. Come and join us if you can!

Grade 4: We are continuing to learn about the American Revolution in social studies class. We are reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and comparing fractions in math class. We are learning how to use a thesaurus to make our word choices more interesting.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are learning about transformations in math class. We are learning about how to rotate, reflect, and translate geometric shapes. In religion class we are reviewing the seven sacraments of the church, and we also discussed the symbols used in these sacraments. The students did a fabulous job at their spring concert this last week as well.

Grade 6: This week in math we are learning about probability. We learned the difference between experimental and theoretical probability and used Skittles to do probability experiments. We learned about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors while making a color wheel.

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May 28 No School

May 30 Graduation Mass: 7 p.m.

June 1 Last Day of School

June 4 Teacher Workshop