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Talking it over: Princess dancers

This weekend I attended a dance recital in Morris for what seemed like a hundred young dancers. My granddaughter, Jaedyn, was in her first year of dance and this was her first big recital. It was also the first dance recital I have attended and I was impressed.

She was so excited about the recital so it didn't take much for that excitement to rub off on those around her. I wasn't quite sure what to expect especially after my daughter told me that it would be two hours long with an intermission.

It certainly didn't seem like it was two hours long as the entertainment flowed steadily and beautifully. I was fascinated by the pretty costumes and intricate movements. The children danced wonderfully and confidently. Obviously, a lot of work goes into these events, not only by the children but also the adults who teach and guide them.

I was told ahead of time that you give the dancers flowers at the end so I came to the recital armed with posies. During the intermission, each of the first year dancers were presented with trophies. Jaedyn received hers and came out to greet us. I gave her the flowers but the only thing she had eyes for, was that trophy. It was the best present she could have received.

In my eyes, she earned that trophy. She looked like a princess dancing in her fancy costume with her hair pulled up like a star. Even though the next day she was climbing around and jumping like a tomboy, for those few hours she was as pretty as a princess and graceful as a queen. I hope she continues to enjoy the sport of dancing because it not only provides good exercise but lessons in grace and beauty.