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Talking it over: Class of 2012

Katie Erdman

This weekend another class of Hancock students will take the step from high school into a new and exciting world beyond. They will no longer be Hancock students but will now be known as alumni, the Hancock Class of 2012.

In the gym where these students have played, presented concerts, listened to speakers, watched programs and simply 'hung out' for thirteen years, they will walk slowly around a crowd beaming with pride and maybe even holding back a few tears. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends will watch them take this final step in their high school careers.

It is an exciting time but also a sad time. For family it marks the end of the years of following them through their many school events and accomplishments. Friendships will now become long distance and perhaps even change forever. And there is even a possibility that the class will never be all together again no matter how hard they try to organize their reunions. With that, they may never see some of their classmates again.

I have enjoyed following this class through their school days. Their numbers have remained steady through the years and most of those graduated started here in kindergarten. I have seen and felt their friendships build and grow through the years. They are a very warm and caring class.

It would be difficult to pick out any specific events or people that I would remember from the class. Naturally there are some that I have come to know better than others but they are all equally wonderful in my book. It has been great to watch them grow from those little kindergartners I took a picture of lined up to sing at the Christmas concert to seniors climbing up on the fire truck in their class t-shirts.

As I typed up our own version of the class history for the graduation section, I remembered with a smile being present for many of these events and snapping pictures of them diligently working or playing at the school, ballgames, fairs, and many other community events.

They have made a lasting impression not only on their families and friends but also on the school and community. They will be missed but, in turn, wished all the wonderful joys of a fulfilling future.