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Looking Back

60 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of April 1952

The Ground Observation Post at Donnelly has received operating instructions for participation in a Civil Air Defense Training Exercise on Sunday, April 27. The exercise, jointly arranged between Fred Gerber, supervisor of the Donnelly post, State Civil Defense officials, and Air Force Officers of the 31st Air Division, is another in a series of similar exercises being held in counties throughout the State of Minnesota. Flight plans have been prepared for Air Force, Navy, and Civil Air Patrol aircraft to fly over observation posts at various speeds and altitudes. The observers at the post call in the movements, number, altitude, etc., to the Minneapolis Filter Center over priority telephone lines. Volunteer personnel at the Filter Center plot these messages on a huge map board, determine the track of the airplanes, and relay these tracks to the Air Force Agency that controls fighter aircraft for interception. Mr. Gerber and L.C. Rupner, chief observers in Donnelly, state that in order to operate their post efficiently twenty volunteers are needed. Observers may be of any age, creed or sex. Primary requirements are that they have average eyesight and hearing.

Nick Bresson, presently serving with the 7th Division in Korea, was recently promoted from the grade of sergeant first class to that of master sergeant.

Jerry Colonna, nationally-known radio and screen star, will bring his variety show to the Benson High School auditorium on Sunday, April 27, for a two-hour performance. Colonna, the mustachioed funny-man of the Bob Hope radio show, will have two acts from the Hope radio show in his troupe.

Cpl. Clifford J. Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Peterson, Hoffman, is taking part in the atomic test series currently being conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission and the Department of Defense at Camp Desert Rock, Nev. The tests are designed to give American fighting men and their leaders a clearer picture of various aspects of atomic warfare.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of April 27, 1972

Baby chicks are being hatched in an electric frying pan this week at Longfellow Elementary School before the wondering eyes of Mrs. Ruth Domingo's first grade class. Mrs. Domingo has been hatching chicks for her students by this method for 10 years and has initiated other activities to correspond with the project. The children toured the Morris Hatchery Wednesday to follow the growth and development of the chicks after hatching and will climax "Chicken Week" with an operetta on Friday entitled "The Little Red Hen."

An executive committee has been appointed by the Chokio-Alberta Commercial Club to formulate plans for a Diamond Jubilee celebration for the summer of 1973 to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the village of Chokio. Named to the committee are Burton Nypen, Neal Hofland, Mrs. Helen Grossman and Mrs. Joan McNally.

Bill's Garden of Beauty Salon has been sold by its owner, William Bieber, to Mrs. Emmett (Margie) Sherstad of Morris. Mrs. Sherstad will take over her new business May 1.

Taxi service is now available in the city of Morris according to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Schmidgall, new operators of the service. A taxi may be obtained by calling 589-1000.

The Stevens County Hospital Auxiliary members are planning to conduct a series of coffee parties to solicit new members and to raise funds for hospital needs. All members are urged to participate in this project during the last week in April and the first week in May. Each hostess is asked to try to bring five dollars to the last meeting of the season which will be May 5 at the Hospital.

20 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of April 30, 1992

Comm-Tech, a school within a school, will soon be a reality in the Morris Area District. Comm-Tech is scheduled to open in the fall of 1992 and will join several other school within a school programs throughout the state. Comm-Tech school within a school will focus specifically on the communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking. All subject areas will be taught, but the skills within these curriculum areas will be integrated throughout the day. This integration means that two or more subject areas maybe taught at the same time rather than at separate times and in different subject areas.

Jon Bock, a senior at Morris Area High School, was named a recipient of a National Merit $2000 Scholarship. Jon, son of the Rev. Gordon and Ruth Bock, plans to attend Stanford University in California to study electrical engineering.

Stephanie Carr and Lynn Mansmith will present a piano and flute recital on Sunday, May 3, in the University of Minnesota, Morris Humanities and Fine Arts Center Recital Hall. A reception will follow the performance.

Country Day Nursery students and their teacher Sarla Agarwal recently visited the Police Station and Sheriff's Office and learned about the jobs of the law enforcement officers. Deputy Sheriff Greg Stehn showed the jail to the children.

National Piano Playing Auditions sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers will be held at the Humanities/ Fine Arts building at UMM this week. Approximately 65 student pianists from Morris, Hancock, Clinton, Beardsley, Herman, Starbuck, Benson, Kensington and Donnelly will be participating at the Morris Audition center. The "Biggest Piano Event in the World," Guild Auditions are conducted in over 840 American centers with about 118,000 piano students participating.