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Kindergarten: The kinder kids worked with the letters Z and Y this week and the new sight words where and my. We have gone through the entire alphabet. This was Trey Holm's Wonderful Week and we got to do a lot of fun things. We played some soccer and had some races at the UMM. Our trip to SWELL was swell and Ranger Randee did an excellent job.

Grade 1: This week we worked with words with the re- and un- prefix. We read about many different cool jobs. We learned a lot about jobs we have never thought about--like a flavor maker. In science we are learning about earth, sun, moon and the planets. In math we finished up our unit on two digit addition and took our test. In social studies we learned more about goods and services and which ones are important to our own families.

Grade 2: The second graders have been learning to add three digit numbers in math class. We have learned to regroup ones and tens for tens and hundreds. This week, we read a story called A Way to Help Planet Earth. We learned many good ideas on how we can help to protect and care for the earth we live on. We also created posters for Earth Day that share our thoughts on ways to make every day Earth Day.

Grade 3: We enjoyed a beautiful weather week with more discussions about weather in science. Our Scholastic News also talked about communities that have been hit so heavily by tornadoes and how people survived them. In math we continue our work with standard and metric measurement. We had to really think when we were adding lengths to remember to convert them to the correct unit of length. We also estimated perimeter and area and then found the actual figures. We are praying for the students that will be confirmed on May 1 at Assumption Church.

Grade 4: The fourth graders are starting a unit on fractions. They will be learning how to add and subtract fractions. In reading class we are working on the difference between fact and opinion. We also read the story Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg. We think it is cool that he is the author and the illustrator of this story.

Grade 5: We have been continuing to work hard on a unit in math on fractions. We have gone from multiplying fractions and whole numbers to multiplying fractions with fractions. In reading class we read a story from the genre of science fiction. It is a fun story called Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg.

Grade 6: We are working on various forms of writing. We wrote narrative and persuasive writings this week. In science we are doing activities to learn about emulsions and surface tension. During math we are learning to find the area of composite, circles, and three dimensional figures.

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May 1 & 2 First Communion Interviews

May 1 Safety Camp: Gr. 4 & 5

May 3 Big Stone Conservation: Gr. 6

May 5 & 6 First Communion