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Talking it over - Grandparents Day

My husband and I received a special invitation recently. We were invited to attend Grandparents Day at our grandson's school. We were excited to have the opportunity to see his school, meet his teacher and classmates and spend some time with him. However, I have mixed feelings about getting this type of invitation.

Over the years I have covered many grandparent events such as this through pictures and stories. I have watched as the grandparents teach children how to make homemade ice cream, bread from scratch and even soap from tallow. The grandparents have displayed old time tools, clothing and even musical instruments. These things are all classifieds as antique to me but others consider these things that 'grandparents' know a lot about.

I like to think of myself as a modern day grandparent. I stay up-to-date on the latest technology and can even share emails and text messages with my children and grandchildren. I may remember when some of the things were invented that we now consider obsolete, however, that is the story of society today. As soon as you accomplish the use of something, it is replaced by another better and more intricate product.

It is not that we wouldn't have anything to share about our younger days, but that we feel it is really not of any historical value. After all, in our opinion, it didn't happen that long ago. Why would a child today want to hear about things like drive-in theatres, dressing and acting like hippies, phones with cords, burgers that sold for 19 cents or school dress codes?

Many of the things from our past are coming back or even familiar to children today. We lived through the Vietnam War. We participated in sit-ins and protests. We had long hair, bell-bottom pants, short skirts and beads. Our toys included GI Joe, Barbie, paper dolls, Lincoln Logs and miniature farm tractors. We drove harleys, mustangs, corvettes and '57 chevies. Many of those things are still happening or have come back into style. We accepted change easily and adapted quickly.

Now when I think about it, perhaps that is why grandparents and grandchildren seem to have a unique communication. Things that were once in style in the days of the grandparents, are coming back during their grandchildren's time. We can relate in a special way.

As I said, I am excited to attend Grandparents Day with our grandson but hopefully no one will ask me to share anything from those 'olden days'. I might just have to stand up and tell everyone how I tried out a new computer game with my grandson one day and played an old-fashioned board game the next. Neither one of us considered these things as modern or old, they were just plain fun and help strengthen that special grandparent-grandchild bond.