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Kindergarten: The Kinder Class had a good week. We worked with the letters J and Q this week and learned the words with and my. We are getting toooo smart! In math we are subtracting like crazy and liking it. It was weather awareness week so we practiced in case a "real" tornado would come, we were very good at practicing and we are sure we will be safe because our classroom is in the basement. It was fun having visitors this week.

Grade 1: The first graders have been working really hard on 2-digit addition. We are getting pretty good at it. In science we are learning about the moon and the sun and planets. We think it's pretty amazing that the moon does not actually give off its own light. The light comes from the sun's light reflecting off the moon. In reading this week we read "Whistle for Willie" and we worked on making inferences. In social studies we are learning about goods and services.

Grade 2: In science class we are studying the solar system. We have learned that our solar system is made up of the sun, the planets and moons. We were very interested in learning that there are many moons surrounding some of the planets. In math class we are counting money with dollars and cents. We are also learning to count back change when purchasing items with dollars and cents. We are learning to distinguish between fact and fiction and have discussed many book titles that could be classified as nonfiction.

Grade 3: It was good to have a full week of school again. In math we completed our work with three dimensional figures and began a unit on measurement. We continue to work on our math facts and try to beat our own best score. We are discussing weather and practiced a tornado drill so we are prepared in the event of severe weather. We enjoyed having the accreditation team in the school on Wednesday and Thursday. The answer to our question about E. B. White (what does the E. B. stand for) from last week is Elwyn Brooks.

Grade 4: The fourth graders started a new math unit this week. We have been working on geometric and numerical patterns. We have also been working on function tables and writing rules and equations. In reading we have been working on homographs and main ideas. We also are learning how to use a program called Google Sketchup that lets us create three dimensional buildings on the computer.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are finishing their unit on graphing functions in coordinate planes in math class. We will start our next unit on multiplying and dividing fractions. In social studies we are learning about the American Revolution and what led up to it. We would like to thank Judy Johnston from the Stevens County Soil and Water Conservation District for coming in and giving us a great presentation about soil.

Grade 6: On Monday we had a presentation about soil from Judy Johnston from the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District. The presentation helped us get ideas for the poster contest we are participating in titled Soil to Spoon. In commemoration of the Titanic sinking 100 years ago, we read an autobiography called Exploring the Titanic. During science we are doing activities creating and separating mixtures.

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