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DFLers endorse Schultz, McNamar to run in November

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MORRIS, Minn. - Democrats in Districts 12 and 12A have selected their candidates to run in the election in November.

DFL activist John Schultz ran unopposed for the Senate District 12 nomination at the DFL endorsing convention at Minnewaska Area High School on Thursday night. Schultz, of Correll, is a former investment banker and cattle farmer.

Schultz told the assembled delegates that he has three principles for his campaign - good jobs, health care and education. He also called for honesty when it comes to taxes and education funding.

"We have to acknowledge what we're doing; we have to find a way to change our revenue stream," said Schultz. "There is no question that the success that the United States of America has seen in the last 320 year is due to public education."

Schultz will take on Rep. Torrey Westrom in the general election, the GOP-endorsed candidate for Senate.

Elbow Lake Mayor Jay McNamar defeated Morris Area educator Tamy Reese for the nomination in House District 12A on the first ballot, receiving the required 60 percent majority necessary for endorsement on a vote of 41 to 31.

McNamar is a retired teacher and fireman who currently serves as a volunteer EMT. McNamar told delegates that small cities like Elbow Lake have consistently lost state support through Local Government Aid. This forces cities to increase taxes or cut services, McNamar said.

McNamar proposed investing in rural communities of 6,000 people or less by developing matching grants for infrastructure improvement.

Reese announced that she will not challenge McNamar in the primary. McNamar will face GOP-endorsed candidate Scott Dutcher, a lawyer and city council member from Brandon, Minn., in the general election in November.