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Morris Police Department investigation concludes sexual assault report was false

MORRIS, Minn. - An investigation by the Morris Police Department has concluded that a sexual assault reported by a 19-year-old woman this week was false and that no sexual assault occurred.

Originally, the 19-year-old told police she was assaulted by a stranger near the intersection of East 5th Street and Columbia Avenue on Sunday, April 15, 2012. After investigation, the police have concluded the woman's report was false.

"The Morris Police Department wishes to thank everyone for all the information and help they provided during this investigation," said Morris Police Chief Jim Beauregard. "We also want to remind our citizens that although false reports of sexual assault do happen, they are very rare and this incident should not discourage others from reporting sexual assaults in the future."

County Attorney Aaron Jordan said no charges have been filed against the 19-year-old at this time, but she could be charged with providing false information to police, a misdemeanor offense.