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Talking it over: sudden memories

I love being a grandparent almost more than a parent. Your grandchildren love you unconditionally, think everything you say and do is the absolute truth and try their very best to please you (especially if candy or toys are involved.) However, there are times when things happen while grandparenting that can cause some heartache.

Last Saturday, my husband and I were watching our granddaughters for an afternoon and evening. When the weather finally warmed up a bit we decided to go outside and enjoy a little sunshine. The girls were so excited. We did a little crappie fishing, had a picnic by the lake, road bikes and trikes and played in the sand.

Then my husband suggested something that made my heart skip a beat. He offered to hook up the trailer to the lawn mower and drive the girls around the yard. My heart ached at the thought and as I watched for the next few minutes, I was thrown back in time to another generation.

About 25 years ago, when my children were small, we would spend an occasional Saturday at the farm home of my parents. The children loved to go there and quite often ended up staying overnight. My mom loved having her grandchildren around and especially enjoyed her youngest which included five little girls who were fairly close in age.

When the five girls visited at Grandma's, she was known to get out the lawn mower, hook up the trailer and pull all five around the yard. The little girls were thrilled and their mothers enjoyed watching the joy on their faces.

Saturday, as I watched my husband pull our granddaughters around the yard and saw the equal amounts of joy and wonder on their faces, I got this huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. At that moment I missed my mom so much that it hurt.

The next day I showed my daughter the picture I had taken and she had almost the same reaction. That simple little thing that my mom did with her grandchildren left a lasting and memorable impression, not just with the kids but also with the adults. I thank God for every precious moment we were all able to spend with her and the wonderful memories that will last forever.