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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: It was G and W week and a good week at that! We also learned the words he and she this week. We had another great week at swimming lessons and enjoyed the play at UMM. Hard to believe but we are in our last nine weeks of school. The year is going very fast.

Grade 1: We finished up swimming lessons this week. We had fun and worked hard. We attended the play at UMM. We really enjoyed it. In math we worked more with time and with calendars. We finished up Unit 7 in math and took our test. In reading we read about how animals grow and change. It was good review of our animal science unit, but, of course, we learned some new information too.

Grade 2: The second graders began a math unit on shapes. We are learning to identify regular and irregular polygons and to determine if two shapes are congruent or similar. We are also working hard to become proficient at our basic subtraction facts by playing computer games that help us think quickly. We are having fun going to swimming lessons each day and we enjoyed going to the UMM play this week.

Grade 3: This week the third graders took another AR Star Reading test and were pleased to see that everyone has made growth in reading. We continued to work with fractions and were introduced to division with remainders and what the remainder means. We all enjoyed the play at UMM on Thursday morning. On Friday we completed our swimming lessons at the RFC and we all brought home our third nine weeks report card. We wish everyone a good Holy Week next week!

Grade 4: The 4th graders are learning about how to use an analog clock to find elapsed time in math. This can be tricky, but they are working hard and are understanding it. We also reviewed the different properties of multiplication in math. We had a great time at the play at the UMM on Thursday morning as well.

Grade 5: It has been a busy week for the fifth graders. We finished up swimming lessons and have been busy preparing for our speech contest that we will have next Tuesday. The students memorize a book or an excerpt from a book and perform it with actions to the rest of the school. We have a great time listening to them because they do such a great job.

Grade 6: We finished reading the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This is a realistic fiction book about a girl in Copenhagen experiencing the relocation of Jews in 1943. During math we are studying measurement. We are learning to create personal references for units in both the metric and customary systems as well as converting from one unit to another.

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Apr. 3 Speech Contest: 8:45

Apr. 4 Seder Meal 11:30

Apr. 5, 6, & 9 No School: Easter Break