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Statewide assessments - known as Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA-IIs and MCA-IIIs for 3-8th Math) - are given to students in grades 3-8 in both reading and math. Students in grade 9 take a writing MCA-II, students in grade 10 take a reading MCA-II, and students in grade 11 take a math MCA-II. The tests in grades 10 and 11 are a combination test, in that students must receive a passing score on a set of questions that are embedded in the MCA-II in order to graduate. This set of questions is known as the Graduation Required Assessment for a Diploma or GRAD. They are high stakes in that students who do not "pass" the GRAD portion of the MCA-II are not eligible to graduate until they re-take and pass the test (given multiple times). Students have a vested interest in doing well on these assessments. In addition to the state using the results to determine Adequate Yearly Progress, we also utilize both group and individual results to improve instruction and target assistance to specific students.

To help your child do well on these tests, please make note of days that your child will be taking an MCA-II or GRAD test (it might be more than one day), help them get a good night of sleep two nights before the test as well as the night before the test, and help them eat well at least 24 hours in advance of the test. Proper nutrition is so important to student focus and concentration that the Morris Area School Board has once again approved offering free school breakfast to any student on a day that they will be completing one of these assessments (information will be shared with students prior to their testing day).

Our students have the knowledge and ability to fare well on these tests, but we need your help doing all we can to make sure they have the best opportunity to do so.

2012 Statewide Assessment Calendar

Date Grade(s) Assessment

April 3 3 Math MCA III Online Test (Round 2)

April 4 4 Math MCA III Online Test (Round 2)

April 5 5 - 6 Math MCA III Online Test (Round 2)

April 17 9 Writing GRAD

April 17 10 Reading MCA & GRAD (Day One)

April 17 11 Math MCA & GRAD (Day One)

April 18 10 Reading MCA & GRAD (Day Two)

April 18 11 Math MCA & GRAD (Day Two)

April 19 7 - 8 Math MCA III Online Test (Round 2)

April 20 8 Math MCA III Online Test

April 24 3 - 8 Reading MCA (Day One)

April 25 3 - 8 Reading MCA (Day Two)

April 26-27 7 - 11 MCA Make-Up Days

May 10-11 5 MCA Science

May 10-16 8, 10 MCA Science

Upcoming Events

April 6 - No School

April 9 - No School

April 12 - Parent Teacher

Conferences (5-8 PM)