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Kindergarten: This week was very exciting with swimming lessons. We go every afternoon and are enjoying every minute of it. It was a review week with our letters and words--we are getting so smart. Did you know we are authors? The book that we wrote and illustrated is back from the press and it is a good one! We are sure it will soar to the top of the list, and we are very proud.

Grade 1: We started swimming lessons at the RFC this week. We are enjoying them. We are learning about circle graphs and clocks/time in math. We also worked with ordinal numbers. In reading, we read the story "Happy Fall" and are learning more about the seasons. We are working with adjectives this week--color and number words. For spelling we worked with words with -ow, -ou (cow, how, mouse, mouth, etc.).

Grade 2: With the start of spring this week, we read an enjoyable story called "Farfalina and Marcel." The story starts in springtime with a young goose and caterpillar who become friends. They both go through their life cycle changes during a separation period. At first they don't recognize each other, but once they talk to each other, they realize they are talking to their old friend and they celebrate their friendship once again. In math we are learning to make change for items that we purchase.

Grade 3: In math the third graders found equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing. They also began adding like and unlike fractions using fraction strips. They continue to practice their multiplication and division facts as well as reviewing the addition and subtraction facts. The students are enjoying their swimming lessons at the RFC. The children are continuing to work on a Lenten sacrifice that can change their life for the better and help someone else as they do.

Grade 4: This week the fourth graders are still working on division, but we have been focusing on remainders and how they can mean different things in different problems. We have been working on spelling words with suffixes in spelling. We had the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are working on singular and plural possessives in English class. We have decided that the English language can be tricky! We have also been learning how to divide with decimals in both the divisor and the dividend. We also participated in the sacrament of reconciliation.

Grade 6: The sixth graders presented their Science Fair projects on Monday. Each student told the purpose of his/her project, hypothesis, procedure followed, displayed data and results, and the conclusion that was reached. During math we are converting measurements using both the metric and customary system. We started swimming lessons this week, also.

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