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Talking it over: Talk of the town

Katie Erdman

Everyone is talking about it and you don't hear very many complaints. The rare, record-breaking weather and winter is what everyone is talking about and enjoying.

I am one of the lovers of this type of winter. It is no secret that I don't like the cold, snowy and windy winters that are typical in this area. I dread the months of January, February and March and usually try to leave the area for a brief time just to keep my sanity.

However, this year has been different. I have had no desire to head somewhere warm. I have been able to take a few long walks without freezing to death. My husband has only had to blow snow once which is very, very rare. When I hear the wind blow now, I don't cringe at the thought of plowing through drifts just to get home or to work.

Another unique aspect of the winter and spring is that the lakes are opening up early. We were surprised to return home from a trip to the Cities over the weekend, to see wide open waters on the lake. The typical ice off date is probably over a month away. My flowers are already popping through the garden soil and the trees are beginning to show buds. I hope none of these succumb to some of our typical late spring frosts.

All this unseasonable warmth makes you wonder what summer will be like. Living in Minnesota, we know perfectly well that anything can happen here. We could have record breaking heat or even extreme cool temps for summer. It could be a time of drought or flood. Weather in Minnesota is very hard to predict.

I guess we will simply have to take it as it comes each year and enoy it the best way we can. As far as I am concerned, winters could be like this every year, as long as the summers don't make us pay for it.