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Republicans endorse Westrom for Senate, Dutcher for House at weekend convention

MORRIS, Minn. - Scott Dutcher, a Brandon City Council member and member of the Executive Board of the Republican Party of Minnesota, received the endorsement from the Republican Party for his campaign for the Minnesota House of Representative seat in District 12A on Saturday.

More than 100 voting delegates from the newly-formed District 12A attended the endorsing convention. In two ballots, Dutcher beat Jeff Backer, a business man and school board member from Browns Valley, for the endorsement. Before the vote, both Dutcher and Backer said they would not campaign as an independent if they did not receive the endorsement.

Current state Rep. Torrey Westrom received the Republican endorsement for his race for the Minnesota Senate seat in District 12. Wetrom's nomination for the endorsement was unchallenged.