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Kindergarten: We worked with the letter K this week---did you know that is C's cousin? We also learned the word "little." We are getting to be such good readers! In math we are doing much addition and we enjoy that--we are even doing a little subtraction. Enjoy the spring like weather and don't forget to change the clocks ahead.

Grade 1: We have started a new math unit and are working on seeing the doubles in numbers (2+2=4, 3+3=6, etc). In social studies we are learning about immigrants and how they have brought new cultures to the United States and how we benefit from them. In science we are learning about weather, clouds and the four seasons. This week in reading we learned about many different scientists. We read about Ben Franklin and several of his inventions and how his inventions have helped many people.

Grade 2: We have been learning about early America in social studies. We learned that the Native Americans were the first people to live here and that they needed to use the resources around them to have a shelter and to get food to eat. We also learned that many of the early settlers came from Europe to America. The Native Americans helped them to build shelters and find or grow food to eat. In math, we are working on improving our speed with our basic subtraction facts.

Grade 3: The third graders enjoyed the "Whales in My School" program that was sponsored by Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District on Tuesday. They learned a lot about whales in general and liked going inside the blue whale model and dunking their hands into blubber and cold water to learn about blubber's insulating effects. In math they are continuing to compare fractions and are reducing them to their lowest form. They were surprised how easy it was to find fractional parts of a set if you knew your division facts well! In science they are discussing sudden earth changes that can be brought on by a volcano, earthquake, or landslide.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been working on learning how to use the metric system in math class. We are learning how to convert units for length and area. We have also been talking about how an author's perspective can affect the story that they tell. In social we are learning about the Middle colonies.

Grade 5: In math class we have been learning how to estimate multiplication problems with decimals in them. This can be tricky if we don't take our time. In reading we are still learning about the Navajo Code Talkers in World War II. In spelling we are learning how to keep words with related spellings separate.

Grade 6: This week we continued to follow our mushers in the 2012 Iditarod Sled Dog Race. We created "Meet the Mushers" posters and learned about the rules the mushers must follow. In math we learned about different types of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons. We are also writing odes to the American Flag.

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