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On our school website parents will be able to find information about the registration process for 7-12th grade students at MAHS. To view this material, go to our website at and click on the high school link. The first thing that will appear is 8th-12th grade registration booklet, registration form, and synopsis. There is also a Power Point that you can view. This presentation will hopefully answer some of the questions parents have about registration. The power-point covers what I normally talk to the students about when I visit their classrooms. Some of the information covered is embedded academic standards, credit requirements by department, typical 9-12 grade schedules, elective classes, and the on line registration process.

Your son or daughter should be bringing home registration materials this weekend. They will be bringing home:

• Registration Booklet - this booklet provides a detailed explanation of all of the classes your son or daughter will be taking next year. The booklet will also provide information about core classes, electives, and credit requirements for each grade.

• Registration Form - this form will have all of the core classes your son or daughter needs to take already listed on it. Students need to fill in the elective classes they wish to take for next year. It is important that this form is signed by both the parent(s) and the student.

• Course Synopsis - the synopsis is a listing of all the classes that students can take. Think of it as an abbreviated form of the registration booklet.

All 7-11th grade students will be registering for their classes next week. It is important that the school receive the registration forms back early next week if possible. Students will not be able to register without a signed registration form. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at 589-4400 or email

Message from Transportation

Director Deann Recker

ATTENTION DRIVERS:  Never pass a school bus with flashing lights or an extended stop arm, whether meeting or following the bus!  The flashing yellow lights tell you the bus is preparing to stop. When the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended you must stop 20 feet from the bus in any direction. Do not move your vehicle until the driver shuts off the red lights and the stop arm. School bus drivers MUST report all violations to the police department.

Upcoming Events

March 12 - Track and Softball Practice Begins

March 19 - Baseball Practice Begins

School Board Meeting

Winter Awards Night

March 20 - 7-12 Band Concert

March 22 - FLEX Day

March 23 - End of Quarter 3

March 27 - 7-12 Choir Concert

March 28 - Early Dismissal