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Hancock School Board continues to discuss consolidation with Cyrus

There has yet to be a decision made by the Cyrus School Board regarding the possible consolidation with a neighboring school district. Hancock school representatives have met with members of the Cyrus board and administration to keep communication open throughout the process.

Superintendent Jerry Martinson, along with board members Barry Nelson and Joel Flaten, attended a meeting to discuss the consolidation issue. They reported in February about the meeting. They stated that for Cyrus, the number one concern is that they do not have to go through dissolution.

The two boards had a good discussion about the possibility of redistributing the land between neighboring districts and how it can be split. The Cyrus board had one more school district to meet with, the Morris district, before they would make their decision. They would then need to pass a resolution to proceed on consolidating with the district they choose and begin further discussions.

It was noted by the board that Cyrus has 31 students this year and 20 of these students are open-enrolled. The Hancock representatives were told that Cyrus has very few students to the north and east of the community. The Cyrus school district is planning to remain open one more year.

Other action

* The Hancock School board accepted, with regret, the resignation of Kristi Fehr as head volleyball coach. She has 15 successful years as the coach in Hancock and the board thanked her for her dedication.

* The board reviewed a plan for the transition of Principal Tim Pahl to the superintendent position in two years. No action needed to be taken on the plan.

* Amy Dougherty is working to create a website where staff can go to type in the date, time, and name of substitutes, when they know ahead of time that they will be gone. They are also looking at a plan for someone to call if a substitute is needed in an emergency situation.

* Hancock Elementary has again been selected as a Minnesota Reading Corps site. The district has been awarded one part-time preschool literacy tutor and one part-time elementary literacy tutor.

* The board approved a change to the school policy on internet use and approved a new policy about cell phone use in the school by students.

* Martinson told the board that he is still looking for someone to fill the head track coach position. The first day of track and softball practice is March 12 and baseball begins March 18.

* Prairie Fire Theatre will be at the Hancock School during the week of March 19-22.