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Talking it over - Davy Jones

"It was a different time, a time of tambourines and "Daydream Believer." Davy Jones didn't curse in his music, didn't get arrested, didn't beat up men or women, and -- in my mind, anyhow -- didn't grow old," is a quote posted by a fan on a Davy Jones web site.

Davy Jones, one of the four Monkees, was my idol when I was a teenager. I loved watching him, Peter, Mickey and Michael each week on their television show, and I collected as many 'Monkees' albums as my parents would permit. They were fun to watch, great to listen to and good clean role models.

He died last week, at 66, of a heart attack, which is ironic, given the palpitations he caused an entire generation of girls. I don't know why his passing saddens me as much as it does. I never mailed him a letter. never waited for a signed photo. Maybe it's just that whole end of innocence thing. Or maybe that Jones, unlike so many big names today, seemed to really enjoy being a pop star while never acting as if it was a birthright.

He was a forever young teen idol. He never seemed to grow old and his fans never seemed to tire of listening to him. On his weekly shows, he was the clown. The one running around, being captured, tied up, doing acrobatics and whatever else was required, all the time entertaining. Off the show he was not in the news for drugs, alcohol or any other illegal activities. He had a family, a wife, children and grandchildren.

When I heard about his death, I thought back to the joy he gave so many in my generation. The smiles brought on by his antics and music, the joy of just listeing and watching. The comfort, knowing that not all famous pop stars led less than desirable lifestyles.

Davy Jones did not get the big news coverage that other stars have received. He lived to entertain but also to do what he enjoyed in life. He will be remembered by many who grew to love him and his music in the 60s and 70s. I like to think that he will also be remembered as a good and fun-loving person.