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Kindergarten: This was L week and we had a lovely time. We anxiously waited for the "blizzard" to hit. On Tuesday morning we went camping--in the gym and heard the progressive story that started in the 6th grade room with us being the last class to add to it. Of course Ms. Grammond put the finishing touches on! The kinder kids were in charge of the theme this month "Words of Healing" and we proudly presented our skits on Friday. Congratulations to Larsons--the proud owners of the Kinder Class Project.

Grade 1: We had a reading "Camp Out" on Tuesday to celebrate "I Love to Read Month." It was a lot of fun. We are learning about solid shapes in math--sphere, cube, cone, rectangular prism, and cylinder. We also learned what makes shapes congruent. In social studies we are learning about the very first Americans. In science we are learning about the water cycle. In reading we are reading about the moon and working with words with -ur, -er, and -ir. We are also learning about adjectives. We enjoyed the big snow fall and a day off to play in the snow!

Grade 2: We completed our science unit on natural resources. We learned ways we use soil, water, air, oil, lumber and rock and minerals to make our life easier. We also learned the importance of the three rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. In math, we finished a mini unit on quadrilaterals, diagonals and midpoints. It was fun to gather in the gym on Tuesday for a school campout and to listen to our school story as part of St. Mary's I love to Read activities.

Grade 3: The third graders continue to work on doing most of their work in cursive even though they think it slows them down a bit. In math they are working with fractions as well as continuing to practice their multiplication and division facts. In social studies and science we are talking about our changing environment as well as how our climate seems to be changing. The students welcomed the snow for building snowmen and sledding, however, many adults were not so enthusiastic!

Grade 4: The fourth graders started writing their first book reviews this week. The purpose for these is to tell just enough about the book to get others interested and to also tell why they enjoyed the book. We started a story about secret codes in reading. We will be reading Code Talkers out loud. This is an historical fiction book about Native American code talkers during World War II.

Grade 5: We continue to talk about the New England colonies in social studies. We have learned about people like Anne Hutchinson who was a pioneer for religious freedom. We have been making book reviews in reading class. We also had a great time "camping out" in the gym for "I Love to Read" month. We especially enjoyed listening to the progressive story the whole school created.

Grade 6: This week we are preparing for and learning about the Iditarod Sled Dog race. The race will be begin this weekend in Alaska. Each student has chosen two mushers that they will follow during the race. In math we are starting to learn the basics of geometry. We identified rays, lines, line segments, and types of angles. In spelling we are learning words that originated from other cultures.

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