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On Wednesday, March 7 I will be meeting with the 7th-11th grade students to discuss registering for their classes for next year. Soon there will be a link on our school's Website that will assist and educate parents and students about the registration process. Included on the link will be a Power Point that will cover most of what I discuss with the students when I talk with them. In the Power Point you will find:

• Academic Standards and MAHS classes that cover these standards

• Credit Requirements by Department

• Credit Requirements by Grade

• Electives and samples from our Registration Guides

On-line Registration

I should point out that all students will be "Bulk Loaded" into the classes that they need to take. For example, all 10th grade students will be loaded into Biology, English 10, the appropriate Math class, Health and PE, and History and Geography of the World. When 10th grade students register on-line, they will be choosing the two year-long or four semester-long electives they wish to take in order to fill out their schedule.

The link will also provide parents with:

• 9th Grade and 10-12th Grade Registration Guides - These will have all of the classes that will be available for the students. It should be noted that not all of the classes listed will be offered. Some classes are offered every other year. If not enough students sign up for a particular class, the class will not be offered. The Registration Guides provide a detailed description of each class.

• Course Synopsis - The Course Synopsis is a summary of the Registration Guide. It provides a list of classes and the grade level each class is offered to.

• Sample Registration Form - This form must be filled out and signed by the student and their parents. This form will list all of the classes students in a particular grade must take. It should be noted that the teacher and the semester the class is offered is subject to change. This form must be turned in prior to the on-line registration date. All students will register during the week of March 12.

Upcoming Events

March 12 - Track and Softball Practice Begins

March 19 - Baseball Practice Begins

School Board Meeting

Winter Awards Night

March 20 - 7-8 Band and Choir Concert

March 28 - Early Dismissal