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Hoffman man announces candidacy for DFL nomination in District 12A

MORRIS, Minn. - Judd Hoff of Hoffman announced his candidacy for the DFL nomination in District 12A on Facebook last week.

In his statement, Hoff said, "I unflinchingly support the principles and concerns of the Occupy Wallstreet [sic] Movement and want to channel it's youth and energy into the DFL in an effort to Reform [sic] the DFL and get it fighting for us regular people again."

Hoff is originally from the Forada area, but has lived and worked across the district. Hoff, his wife Trista and their six children have plans to open a damaged-good grocery store, "The Dented Can," in Hoffman this spring.

"I intend to challenge politics as ussual [sic] and have the ranks of the poor and ignominious behind me," Hoff said in his Facebook announcement. "I have the workers, and the growing numbers of Poor [sic] people behind me. I have the Occupy Movement, and it's supporters behind me, so let's just see what happens.

Learn more on Hoff's Facebook campaign page, which includes his full campaign announcement.